Faculty Members

Core Faculty

Last, First Name Office Phone Email address
Agrios, Alexander 310 (860)-486-1350 agrios@uconn.edu
Anagnostou, Emmanouil 315 (860)-486-6806 emmanouil.anagnostou@uconn.edu
Astitha, Marina 311 (860)-486-3941 marina.astitha@uconn.edu
Bagtzoglou, Amvrossios 304 (860)-486-4017 amvrossios.bagtzoglou@uconn.edu
Chrysochoou, Maria 314 (860)-486-3594 maria.chrysochoou@uconn.edu
Dahmani, Amine (860)-942-2881 amine.dahmani@uconn.edu
Kirchhoff, Christine J. 309 (860)-486-2771 christine.kirchhoff@uconn.edu
Li, Baikun 312 (860)-486-2339 baikun.li@uconn.edu
Liu, Lanbo Bron 304 (860)-486-1388 lanbo.liu@uconn.edu
Mellor, Jonathan 318 (860)-486-0548 jonathan.mellor@uconn.edu
Pena, Malaquias 319 (860)-486-2450 mpena@uconn.edu
Shen, Xinyi Becat A22 (860)-486-1799 xinyi.shen@uconn.edu
Vadas, Timothy 308 (860)-486-5552 timothy.vadas@uconn.edu
Wang, Guiling 313 (860)-486-5648 guiling.wang@uconn.edu
Wanik, David BECAT A43  (860)-486-4215 dave.wanik@uconn.edu


In addition to Core Faculty Members, the Environmental Engineering Program has a number of Associated and Affiliated Faculty Members. Associated Members are actively participating in advising graduate students in the ENVE program, while Affiliated Members are research collaborators and guest lecturers.

Associated Faculty:
Name: Title: Department:  Email:
Martin Briggs Associate Professor in Residence USGS martin.briggs@uconn.edu
Amy Burnicki Assistant Professor in Residence GEOG amy.burnicki@uconn.edu
Frederick Day-Lewis Associate Professor in Residence USGS daylewis@usgs.gov
Ashley Helton Associate Professor NRE ashley.helton@uconn.edu
John Lane Hydrologist USGS jwlane@usgs.gov
Jeffrey McCutcheon Associate Professor CMBE jeff@engr.uconn.edu
Richard Parnas Professor CMBE RICHARD.PARNAS@uconn.edu
Gary Robbins Professor NRE gary.robbins@uconn.edu
Leslie Shor Associate Dean & Associate Professor CMBE leslie@engr.uconn.edu
Ranjan Srivastava Department Head & Professor CMBE RANJAN.SRIVASTAVA@uconn.edu
S. Trivikrama Rao Adjunct Professor NC State Univ. strao@ncsu.edu
Penny Vlahos Associate Professor Marine Science penny.vlahos@uconn.edu
Kristina Wagstrom Assistant Professor CHEG kristina.wagstrom@uconn.edu
Wei Zhang Associate Professor CEE WZHANG@UCONN.EDU
Xiusheng Yang Professor NRE XIUSHENG.YANG@uconn.edu


Affiliated Faculty:
Name: Title: Department:  Email:
Richard Anyah Associate Professor NRE richard.anyah@uconn.edu
Carol Atkinson-Palombo Associate Professor Geography carol.atkinson-palombo@uconn.edu
Mark Boyer Distinguished Professor Political Science MARK.BOYER@uconn.edu
Sara Bronin Professor Law sara.bronin@law.uconn.edu
Jun-Hong Cui Professor CSE JUN-HONG.CUI@uconn.edu
Ken Noll Professor MCB KENNETH.NOLL@uconn.edu
Kathleen Segerson Associate Dean & Distinguished Professor Economics KATHLEEN.SEGERSON@uconn.edu
Anji Seth Professor Geography anji.seth@uconn.edu
Jeff Starn Research Hydrologist USGS jjstarn@usgs.gov
Mike Willig Director & Professor EEB/CESE michael.willig@uconn.edu
Shengli Zhou Associate Dept. Head & Professor ECE SHENGLI.ZHOU@uconn.edu