M.Eng. Degree

The Master of Engineering (MENG) degree emphasizes improvement of essential technical and professional skills, while a traditional Master of Science degree emphasizes research or a comprehensive understanding of a research area. The Master of Engineering program is designed for practicing engineers who are attending classes in the evenings and on part-time basis. The MENG degree is offered through distance learning courses after regular workhours and with asynchronous content. This affords engineers the opportunity for continuing education without workplace interruptions. The program consists of 30 credit hours:

  1. 9 credits of Common Core Courses
    • Professional Communication & Information Management – 3 credits
    • Engineering Project Planning & Management – 3 credits
    • Advanced Math/Engineering Analysis – 3 credits
  2. 18 credits of Concentration Courses
  3. A 3-credit Capstone Project

Typically, one Concentration Course is offered as distance learning courses every semester. The following courses are planned in AY 2018-19:

  • ENVE 5530 Geoenviromental Engineering (Fall)
  • ENVE 5210 Environmental Engineering Chemistry (Spring)

Additional courses that will be offered in AY 2019-20 are:

ENVE 5252 Environmental Remediation

ENVE 5830 Groundwater Flow Modeling

More courses will be offered in future academic years.

For additional information and registration, visit http://cdee.uconn.edu