FE Exam

All Environmental Engineering (ENVE) students should aspire to become licensed engineers. You do not know what you will be doing in the future, and as a registered professional engineer, you will have the greatest number of career options. There are two exams needed for Registration as a Professional Engineer. The first exam (Engineer-In-Training or EIT or FE) should be taken during the last semester of your undergraduate studies as it truly is the best time to take it; it is when you best know the material needed for the exam. Generally, taking the exam at this time does not take a lot of preparation, other than preparing what is needed to submit the application.


Application Information

The following webpage gives instructions for registering for the FE exam. Note that the Connecticut Licensing Board no longer requires you to register through them. Now the process is to first register for the exam through the testing agency NCEES (http://www.ncees.org). Once you have passed the exam, you must go through the process of obtaining the CT EIT certification, which requires more steps. More information may be found in the CT Board webpage http://www.ct.gov/dcp/cwp/view.asp?a=1622&q=446468



When do I need to register for the exam?

You need to register for the exam 6 months in advance of the testing date. Exam dates are available 4 times a year.

What can I expect in the exam?

The FE Exam is a 6-hour, computer based test, which contains 110 multiple choice questions. The actual exam time is 5 hours 20 minutes. You can learn more about the examination experience by visiting the NCEES YouTube Channel, and the NCEES Examinee Review Guide. All the relevant links, along with test prep materials, are available on the NCEES website (http://ncees.org/engineering/fe/). The specific areas covered for Environmental Engineering may be found here.

What are the next steps in becoming a PE?

Passing the FE exam is the first step toward engineering licensure (PE). To continue the licensure process: a) Obtain at least four years of experience deemed acceptable to your State Licensing Board; and b) Take the discipline-specific Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) exam. Check the State Licensing Board where you will take the exam for specific eligibility requirements.

What is a Licensed Environmental Professional (LEP)?

The CT LEP program is focused specifically on remediation of contaminated sites and is unrelated to professional licensure. Information on the program may be obtained on the DEEP website (http://www.ct.gov/deep/cwp/view.asp?a=2715&q=324984&deepNav_GID=1626).