Research Labs

research lab1CEE offers eleven (11) state-of-the-art research laboratory facilities focusing on cutting edge technology based on sound theoretical concepts and practical, real-world applications. The laboratory infrastructure varies greatly based on research area, however; new technologies, theoretical foundation and practical applications to 21st century problems is a cornerstone to the focus of are research areas. Graduate students and Faculty work closely together if CEE’s lab settings, often collaborating with researchers in other UConn academic departments, as well as outside institutions, small businesses and industries. Advanced undergraduates often work in research labs on a variety of projects in collaboration with faculty and graduate students.

Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
Our Environmental & Water Resources Engineering Faculty is active in both the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, in the Environmental Engineering Program, and in the Center for Environmental Sciences and Engineering (CESE). The faculty has expertise in environmental and water resources technology. Our Laboratory Facilities include: Hydraulics Lab, Environmental Physics Lab, Geophysics Lab, Contaminant Fate Lab, BioEnergy Production Lab and Water Quality Lab.

Geo-Technology and Geo-Materials
The geo-group performs multidisciplinary research in the areas of geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering, as well as on geophysics and geomaterials. Our Laboratory Facilities include: Geoenvironmental Lab and Advanced Geotechnical Lab.

Structures and Applied Mechanics
The faculty has expertise in both structural engineering, involving the design of buildings, bridges and other structures, and applied mechanics, which forms the basis of all structural analysis and design. Our Laboratory Facilities include: Concrete Lab, Materials Testing, Advanced Hazards Lab, Structural Testing Lab, Fiber Optics Lab.

Transportation and Urban Planning
The faculty research interests span from transportation safety to urban design and regional planning. They are dedicated researchers and teachers. They enjoy active involvement with their graduate student group. The transportation research group works in conjunction with the Connecticut Transportation Institute. Our Laboratory Facilities include: Transportation Lab, Connecticut Advanced Pavement Lab.

research lab2

For more Information, please contact: Jonathon Drasdis, Laboratory Supervisor