Entry Level Engineering position at RI DEM Site

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Division: Waste Management
Opening Date/Time: Wed. 08/30/17 12:00 AM Eastern Time
Closing Date/Time: Fri. 09/08/17 11:59 PM Eastern Time
Salary: $29.02 – $32.51 Hourly
$52,821.00 – $59,162.00 Annually
Pay Grade: 327 A
Job Type: Council 94 (2-36)
Bargaining Union: Council 94 Local 2881 (13)
Location: 235 Promenade Street, Providence, Rhode Island
Scheduled Work Days; Hours of Work Unclassified; Standard: Monday – Friday; 8:30AM – 4:00PM
Work Week: Standard 35.0 Hours
Assignment(s)/Comments: This federally funded will be assigned to the federal site remediation unit in the Office of Waste Management, as well as work in contaminated sites under the federal CERCLA and Superfund grants. POSITION RE-POSTED – PREVIOUS CANDIDATES NEED NOT RE-APPLY.
Job #: 1758-50101-69

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GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: To assist a superior by performing the less complex engineering tasks in the field of sanitary engineering; and to do related work as required.

SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Works under the general supervision of a superior from whom general and specific work assignments and instructions are received with some latitude for the exercise of independent judgment; work is reviewed in process and upon completion for application of accepted sanitary engineering methods and techniques.

SUPERVISION EXERCISED: As assigned, may supervise the work of others engaged in making sanitary inspections.

 Illustrative Examples of Work Performed:
To assist in the promotion of the establishment of safe drinking water supplies and make periodic determinations of the sanitary quality of all public water supplies; when requested, to determine the sanitary quality of private and industrial water supplies.
To make surveys for certification to the appropriate federal agency of the sanitary quality of all water supplies and the sanitation of all watering points used by interstate carriers.
In a program for the control of stream, lake, and tidal water pollution; to make field surveys to determine the degree of pollution, including the collection of physical data and the making of chemical determinations in the field; to make laboratory examinations of samples of water, sewage, and industrial waste; to make field surveys of the sources of pollution and their magnitude; to analyze the survey data and to assist in the planning of the highest future sanitary condition of the waters of the State that can be feasibly attained; to assist in determining the sewage and industrial waste treatment facility projects needed to achieve the planned condition.
To assist in determining the sanitary condition of shellfish grounds and, on the basis of such determinations, to assist in the regulating of the taking of shellfish therefrom.
To assist in the study and in the preparation of reports on the engineering plans of private, municipal, and industrial waste treatment systems essential to the prevention of water pollution; to assist in the study and preparation of reports on engineering plans for private, municipal, or industrial sewage disposal systems not essential to the prevention of water pollution, but necessary to avoid the establishment of unsanitary or unhealthful conditions.
To make surveys and determinations of the sanitary quality of the waters of all bathing areas and to assist in the control of other phases of environmental sanitation.
To assist in the preparation of engineering testimony for presentation at hearings to substantiate the charge of pollution as defined by law.
To assist a superior in the examination of engineering reports, concerning proposed sewage and industrial waste treatment plants, water treatment plants, swimming pools, submitted for approval by engineers and architects retained or employed by municipalities, industries, or private individuals.
To perform other engineering tasks involved in the less complex problems in sanitary engineering.
To do related work as required.
 Required Qualifications for Appointment:
KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS AND CAPACITIES: A working knowledge of the principles and practices of sanitary engineering as it relates to water supplies and purification, sewage and industrial waste treatment, and stream pollution control; a working knowledge of bacteriology and chemistry as they apply to public health problems involving water, sewage, and industrial waste; the ability to read and interpret the less complex engineering plans and specifications, particularly those relating to water purification, industrial waste, and sewage treatment and disposal facilities; the ability to make sanitary engineering field investigations; and related capacities and abilities.


Education: Such as may have been gained through: graduation from a college of recognized standing with specialization in either Sanitary Engineering, Civil Engineering with a sanitary option or Chemical Engineering.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: At the time certification must possess at least an Engineer-in-Training certificate of registration issued by the Rhode Island State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors and must maintain such registration as a condition of employment.