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  • Prof. Tim Vadas mentored high school student to win Genius Olympiad

Prof. Tim Vadas mentored high school student to win Genius Olympiad

Exhibit Hall – photo by Jonathan Siveyer

Catherine Herrick, a high school student mentored by Prof. Timothy Vadas last fall won a bronze medal in the Genius Olympiad.

Catherine Herrick with Bradley Kerr- photo by A.-C. Herrick

Genius Olympiad, an international competition with 1100 participants representing 71 countries and 39 states, focusing on environmental issues and their solutions. The Olympiad contestants compete in one of five disciplines which include science, visual and performing arts, business, writing, and robotics, a recently added discipline.

Under the guidance of Prof. Vadas, Catherine’s topic is “The Investigation of Pharmaceutical Water Pollution Uptake in Radishes, Raphanus Sativus”, and this project finally won a Bronze medal in the science discipline. She thought this event was a wonderful experience not only because the prize she got, but also with the reason that she had this great chance to witness people from different cultures and their effort in helping the environment.–“I particularly enjoyed seeing how the participants captured their countries environmental problems in photographs and drawings in the visual arts section of the competition and in the science section.”