Our program draws resources from a variety of departments and centers throughout UCONN which include: Center for Environmental Science & Engineering (CESE), Chemical, Material & Biomolecular Engineering (CMBE), Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE), Computer Science & Engineering (CSE), Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE), Geophysics, Institute of Water Resources (IWR), Marine Science ,Mechanical Engineering, Molecular & Cell Biology (MCB), Natural Resources Management & Engineering (NRME), and Plant Science.

Name Affiliation Title
Nelly M. Abboud Core Associate Professor, CEE
Alexander G. Agrios Core Assistant Professor, CEE
Emmanouil N. Anagnostou Core Professor, CEE
Marina Astitha Core Assistant Professor, CEE
Richard Anyah Associate Assistant Professor, NRE
Carol Atkinson-Palombo Associate Assistant Professor, GEOG
Amvrossios C. Bagtzoglou Core Professor, CEE Department Head
Mark Boyer Affiliated Professor, Political Science
Sara Bronin Affiliated Professor, Law
Maria Chrysochoou Core Program Director, Associate Professor, CEE
Jun-Hong Cui Affiliated Professor, CSE
Frederick Day-Lewis Associate Research Professor, GSCI
Christine J. Kirchhoff Core Assistant Professor, CEE
John Lane Associate Research Professor, GSCI
Baikun Li Core Associate Professor, CEE
Lanbo Liu Associate Associate Professor, Geophysics
Jeffrey McCutcheon Affiliated Assistant Professor, CMBE
Jonathan E. Mellor Core Assistant Professor, CEE
Kenneth M. Noll Associate Professor, MCB
Richard Parnas Affiliated Professor, CMBE
Gary Robbins Associate Professor, NRE
Kathleen Segerson Associate Professor, ECON
Anji Seth Associate Associate Professor, GEOG
Leslie Shor Affiliated Assitant Professor, CMBE
Ranjan Srivastava Affiliated Associate Professor, CMBE
Timothy Vadas Core Assistant Professor, CEE
Guiling Wang Core Professor, CEE
Glenn S. Warner Associate Professor, NRE, Director, IWR
Michael R. Willig Associate Professor & Director, CESE
Xiusheng Yang Associate Professor, NRE
Shengli Zhou Affiliated Associate Professor, ECE