Research Areas

Air & Water Quality Engineering Environmental Biotechnology Environmental Modeling Environmental Process Engineering Site Remediation Water Resources Engineering

Air & Water Quality Engineering

Air, water and soil pollution; processes controlling contaminant generation, transport among environmental compartments and ultimate fate; surface and groundwater quality; gas – and particle-phase air pollution; sorption reactions; surface and interfacial chemistry; reaction kinetics. (Abboud, BagtzoglouLi, MacKay, Robbins, Yang)

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Environmental Biotechnology

Biological waste treatment; microbial physiology and genetics; bioremediation and biodegradation of xenobiotic compounds; novel measures of microbial activity; Bacterial Adhesion and Biofilm Formation; Molecular Ecology of Biofilms; bioremediation and green chemicals synthesis; engineering biofilms for corrosion inhibition and other applications. (Li, Shor)

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Environmental Modeling

Particle transport; mass transfer mechanisms in bacterial biofilms; surface and groundwater flow and contaminant transport; modeling and optimization of novel catalytic materials and absorbents; PEM fuel cell transport process modeling; fluid mechanics and heat transfer of reacting single and multi-phase flows; forest micrometeorology/microclimatology. (Abboud, BagtzoglouMacKayWarner, Wang, Yang)

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Environmental Process Engineering

Advanced fuels research; electrochemical energy systems, flow batteries, and fuel cells; immobilized cell bioreactors; well-mixed gradientless reactors; use of agriculture waste derived fuels; catalysts, electrode structures and polymer electrolytes; heavy metal recovery and recycling using electrochemical techniques; supercritical fluid processes; microemulsions. (Li, Srivastava, Shor)

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Site Remediation

Remediation of sites contaminated by LNAPLs and heavy metals through application of three-dimensional sampling; environmental geophysics: development of field analytical methods for volatile organic contaminants; and appication of multimedia technology for improving contaminant investigations; air-sparging; remediation of soil and aquifer systems; colloid-facilitated transport. (Bagtzoglou, Li, Liu, MacKay, Robbins, Srivastava, Shor)

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Water Resources Engineering

Hydrologic response of large catchments; ground-based weather radar; precipitation estimation and flood forecasting; distributed hydrologic modeling, sediment transport; hydraulics; hydrometeorological measurements; hydrologic predictions; error characteristics of precipitation estimates from space-based observing systems. (Anagnostou, AstithaBagtzoglouKirchhoff, Wang, Warner)

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